Many States Becoming Supportive Of Shared Parenting Plans

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience for Washington couples and others around the nation, particularly if they have children. Determining who will get custody and deciding upon parenting plans can be quite contentious. Many family experts have been advocating a move from traditional custody arrangements. In agreement with this shift in philosophy, another state has recently gotten behind an effort to Read More

How To Deal With The Emotions Of Divorce

The end of a marriage can be an incredibly difficult and emotionally painful thing to experience. Going through a divorce is often very similar to experiencing the death of a loved one. Feelings of grief, sadness and depression are common during this time and may feel impossible to escape. The following tips may be helpful for those in Washington who find themselves going through a divorce. In order to get over these Read More

Age Is A Determining Factor In Creating Parenting Plans

Divorce is not an easy choice to make and can be further complicated when children are involved. While a couple may arrive at the conclusion that they can no longer function as a married couple, typically they both share great concern for the continued well-being of their children. Coming up with successful parenting plans to be put in place following a divorce in Washington can go a long way to ensuring a successful Read More

Avoiding Property Division Mistakes

Few things are more challenging than separating two lives in a divorce. A Washington couple who has been together for any length of time certainly has financial and legal matters in common, and the process of dissolving a marriage focuses on these entanglements. Spouses can take certain steps to make property division go more smoothly, especially if they are willing to compromise. However, there are also mistakes a Read More

Making Parenting Plans Work in Difficult Situations

One of the most complex issues in any divorce is determining what will happen to the children and how custody will work. Child custody is an emotional and difficult subject, and it does not necessarily get easier simply because the divorce process is final. In fact, ongoing animosity between parents can make it difficult for those who have to co-parent and abide by the terms of parenting plans. Co-parenting is not Read More

Common Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Couples in Washington may be encouraged to know that the rate of marriage breakups has fallen over the past few years. However, analysts continue to study the reasons why couples divorce. When asked about the factors that led to their divorce in a recent poll, 75 percent cited that one or the other spouse was not fully committed to the marriage. That lack of commitment may have contributed to the immediate causes of Read More

Washington Among the 10 Most Expensive States for Child Care

On Behalf of The Law Office of Stacy D. Heard, PLLC | Jan 30, 2019 | custody and support modifications Raising kids can get very expensive. Among the costs that can get particularly high are those related to child care. This appears to especially be the case here in Washington state. That is what recent rankings suggest. The rankings came from a recent CNBC article. The article contained a top 10 list for the most Read More

Miguel Cabrera Ordered To Pay Child Support And More

Many Washington married couples encounter relationship problems when one or the other spouse engages in an extramarital affair. Some situations result in divorce while other spouses decide to work out their problems and keep their marriages intact. That was the ultimate choice Major League Baseball first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s wife made after learning her husband had been unfaithful to her. While Cabrera was no Read More

Lessons To Learn From Jeff Bezos’ Divorce

Jeff Bezos, among others, would likely tell you that he wished he would have signed a prenuptial agreement. Bezos, the chairman and CEO of Amazon, recently announced that him and his wife, MacKenzie, were splitting after 25 years of marriage. Unfortunately, $137 billion dollars is now on the line and likely to be divided in half. Because Amazon was started one year after the couple was married, CNBC Read More

Understanding Community Property Division Laws In Washington

Divorcing couples are often concerned about the future. In addition to the many emotional components of a divorce, the very practical elements, such as post-divorce finances, may play a role in the level of confidence a spouse may feel about his or her decisions. While it is common for those who divorce to struggle for a time after losing each other’s income, this risk may be minimized if property division issues are Read More