Washington Among the 10 Most Expensive States for Child Care

Raising kids can get very expensive. Among the costs that can get particularly high are those related to child care. This appears to especially be the case here in Washington state. That is what recent rankings suggest.

The rankings came from a recent CNBC article. The article contained a top 10 list for the most expensive states for child care, based on the costs of center-based care for infants and preschoolers.

Washington was on this list, coming in at No. 8. The article noted that the average annual cost of center-based care in the state is:

  • $14,208 for infants
  • $10,788 for four-year-olds

High child care costs can put significant financial strains on parents. This can particularly be the case for single parents. According to the article, this is how big of a portion of the median single parent income would be taken up by the average cost of center-based child care here in Washington:

  • For infant care: Over half
  • For four-year-old care: Around 40 percent

Single parents here in Washington can face financial challenges in meeting the various costs, including child care expenses, related to raising their children. Child support can be an important source of help for such parents in meeting these challenges. Given how big of a portion child care expenses can make up of the costs related to raising a child, it can be critical for such expenses to properly be taken into account in proceedings and negotiations related to the formation or adjustment of child support arrangements.

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