Age Is A Determining Factor In Creating Parenting Plans

Divorce is not an easy choice to make and can be further complicated when children are involved. While a couple may arrive at the conclusion that they can no longer function as a married couple, typically they both share great concern for the continued well-being of their children. Coming up with successful parenting plans to be put in place following a divorce in Washington can go a long way to ensuring a successful outcome for all involved.

The ages of children at the time of a divorce will have a significant impact on the form that a successful plan should take. Children have different needs and, depending on their ages, react differently to parental separation. While keeping those needs in mind, it is also important to remember that a child needs both parents.

Babies may present the biggest challenge as the mother is typically the primary caregiver but a baby also needs significant time with the father to cement that relationship. Babies also like routine and an interruption can be upsetting. As children approach school age it may become a little bit easier to manage as schedules become settled with school activities. Teens can present the greatest challenge as this is a time in their lives where school activities and friends take a larger portion of their time and they are attempting to develop their own independent lives.

Regardless of the age of one’s children, both parents typically share concern for their children’s well-being in the aftermath of a divorce. Cooperation between the parents and the guidance of a family law attorney can aid in the creation of successful parenting plans in Washington. A successful plan should instill a sense of security and stability, regardless of the children’s ages.

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