Divorce And Financial Contention Can Hurt Family Relationships

The decision to divorce is almost always a difficult one, and the resulting process can be a very complicated one in the state of Washington. Finances and achieving a fair settlement are certainly major considerations as are the continued well-being of all the parties concerned. Divorce can have a significant impact on the lives of children and preserving their relationship with their parents is paramount. Arriving Read More

Parenting Plans May Be Best Defined By Parents

Divorce is difficult and that difficulty is magnified when children are involved. Parenting plans in Washington can be hard for parents to come to agreement on but focusing on what’s in the best interest of the children can help keep the focus on the children’s needs. One area of contention might be agreeing on what exactly comprises the child’s best interests. Parents are typically in agreement that they want what’s Read More

Separate Accounts May Help Simplify Divorce

Millennials have a different take on marriage and finances than the generations that came before them. They are waiting longer to get married and as a result both partners are frequently already in established careers. One outcome of this in Washington is that the couple is likely to maintain separate bank accounts following their marriage. Some couples may thing that this offers them some financial protection should Read More

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear International Child Abduction Claim

When the parents come from different countries, there is a risk of two competing child custody orders. To keep parents from trying to get more favorable treatment from a second country after the first has made a custody order, we rely on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, also called the Hague Abduction Convention. The convention lays out rules for determining which country Read More

Parenting Plans And Summer Vacations

School summer vacations are here in Washington, a time for families to plan a summer vacation and some quality time together. The plans can become complicated in situations where parents are sharing custody. Parenting plans may outline the delineation of time but not how that time is spent. There are steps one can take to make the most of separate summer vacations. In regard to parenting plans, one should make sure Read More

Successful Parenting Plans Help Families Arrive At A New Normal

Divorce is difficult and young children can add to the challenge of arriving at a new normal. Coming up with cohesive parenting plans in Washington that take everyone’s needs into consideration can go a long way toward creating a successful new family dynamic. Drew Barrymore, the beloved actress from “E.T.,” together with her ex-husband, are providing an excellent example of what successful co-parenting can look Read More

Resolving International Custody Disputes

If you’re a divorcing or separating parent, your child’s well-being probably matters most to you, and it may also seem to be the thing that’s most fragile. This worry might be worse when the other parent will live in another country. Try to come to an agreement Resolving your dispute without taking the other parent to court is usually best. It’s often faster, less expensive, and might be less stressful for the child Read More

Preparing A Child For Divorce

People fall in love, get married and have a family. While many marriages in Washington thrive and result in happy families, some do not. The decision to divorce can be a very difficult one that can be even tougher when there are young children involved. There are things parents can do to ease the process. Very young children view the world as revolving around them, so if something goes wrong in their world, it must Read More

Can My Depression Affect My Parenting Plan?

The lead up to a divorce can cause turmoil for everyone involved—and may even push some into depression. If you are a parent living with depression, you may be concerned about whether or not your mental health can play a factor in retaining parental responsibility of your children. What does a judge consider for a parenting plan? When creating a parenting plan, a judge will primarily consider each parent’s ability Read More

Successful Parenting Plans Are Important To A Successful Divorce

Figuring out child support and custody issues can be one of the most difficult issues to tackle when facing a divorce in Washington. There are some aspects to child support that one should be aware of. Familiarity with certain issues can help when contemplating child support concerns and parenting plans. No one is clairvoyant and able to see the future. Plans and assumptions made today may not hold true tomorrow. A Read More