Understanding Community Property Division Laws In Washington

Divorcing couples are often concerned about the future. In addition to the many emotional components of a divorce, the very practical elements, such as post-divorce finances, may play a role in the level of confidence a spouse may feel about his or her decisions. While it is common for those who divorce to struggle for a time after losing each other’s income, this risk may be minimized if property division issues are Read More

Bezos Divorce May Take A Preordained Path Agreed To By The Couple

The richest couple in the world are getting a divorce. They are residents of Washington state and after getting married 25 years ago, they launched a startup called Amazon. Jeff Bezos announced by a tweet on Jan. 9 that he and wife MacKenzie are getting a divorce but will remain a family and will always be “cherished friends.” They have four children. The emphasis on remaining a family is a wise characterization that Read More

The Importance Of Logistics In Co-parenting

Among the things that impact how co-parenting efforts go for parents after a divorce is how the various logistical details are handled. There are all kinds of such details a co-parenting relationship involves, such as scheduling and pickup issues. These details can have impacts on the whole family. Also, if the right steps aren’t taken, logistics could end up being a flashpoint for disputes that could make having a Read More

Creating Parenting Plans In Washington

One of the most stressful parts of a divorce for parents is making decisions related to the children. It is likely that both parents want what is best for their children, but the emotions of a divorce may cloud their ability to make wise choices. Ideally, Washington parents can arrive at parenting plans without the interference of the courts, but they must still obtain court approval for their plans to ensure their Read More

Under What Circumstances Can Child Support Be Modified?

During a divorce, most parents negotiate which will have primary custody of their children. The other spouse usually provides financial support for the children. The amount of child support is determined by income, housing needs and the child’s financial needs. Later, when one of the parents faces a life event such as the loss of a job or a serious injury, the monthly child support amount needs to be modified. How to Read More

Protecting The Parent Relationship After A Divorce

No parent enters a marriage or has a child believing the relationship will end in divorce. But divorce is still a frequent occurrence in Washington and around the country. When children are involved the impact on them can be devastating and frequently the parent’s first concern is to minimize that negative impact. There are things parents can do to minimize the trauma of the divorce. The first of these is to ensure Read More