Miguel Cabrera Ordered To Pay Child Support And More

Many Washington married couples encounter relationship problems when one or the other spouse engages in an extramarital affair. Some situations result in divorce while other spouses decide to work out their problems and keep their marriages intact. That was the ultimate choice Major League Baseball first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s wife made after learning her husband had been unfaithful to her. While Cabrera was no doubt happy that his wife decided to stay married to him, his problems had only just begun because his ex-mistress decided to sue him for child support to provide for the two children she had during the affair.

The woman filed a paternity lawsuit against Cabrera and it proved that he was indeed the father of her two children. She requested $100,000 per month in child support from the man who is one of the highest paid professional baseball players in the nation. The woman’s attorney told the court that his client was just trying to protect her children’s interests as their father set them up in a particular lifestyle then pulled the rug out from underneath them when he decided to end the affair and stay with his current wife.

A long, drawn-out court battle ensued. Cabrera accused his ex-mistress of trying to extort money from him by threatening to go public with their affair. He said he was and always has been willing to pay child support for his children but reduced the amount of money he had been sending because he felt his children’s mother was simply trying to take financial advantage of the situation.

The judge overseeing the woman’s paternity lawsuit, however, ruled that Cabrera not only must pay $20,000 per month in child support, he also has to cover the cost of the million-dollar home he bought for his mistress at the time. In addition, he must also provide his children from his ex-mistress with regular perks similar to those he gives his kids that live with him and his wife, such as annual passes to a Disney theme park. An experienced Washington family law attorney can provide guidance and support to any concerned parent facing similarly complicated child support problems in this state.

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