Making Parenting Plans Work in Difficult Situations

One of the most complex issues in any divorce is determining what will happen to the children and how custody will work. Child custody is an emotional and difficult subject, and it does not necessarily get easier simply because the divorce process is final. In fact, ongoing animosity between parents can make it difficult for those who have to co-parent and abide by the terms of parenting plans.

Co-parenting is not easy, especially when one parent is being difficult. However, there are certain steps a Washington parent can take to make this process work more smoothly and reduce the chance of the children experiencing upheaval. One thing that can help is to recognize that a parent cannot control everything, including how the other parent acts and responds.

It may also help to set emotional boundaries. This can mean waiting to respond, refusing to engage in petty arguments and sticking to the terms of the parenting plan as much as possible. If a parent is being aggressive, hostile and is refusing to stick to the terms of a custody plan, the other parent may have legal options available. It is prudent to carefully document the inappropriate behavior of the other parents.

Washington parents may not always find it easy to abide by the terms of parenting plans, but they do not have to navigate these difficult situations on their own. In some cases, it may be beneficial to seek legal help to resolve ongoing custody issues. A complete evaluation of the case can determine how a parent should proceed.

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