Protecting The Parent Relationship After A Divorce

No parent enters a marriage or has a child believing the relationship will end in divorce. But divorce is still a frequent occurrence in Washington and around the country. When children are involved the impact on them can be devastating and frequently the parent’s first concern is to minimize that negative impact. There are things parents can do to minimize the trauma of the divorce.

The first of these is to ensure that both parents spend significant amounts of time with the children. Children do best when they have as close to equal time with both parents as possible. To facilitate this parents should try and remain in close proximity to each other. This increases the feelings of stability for the child and decreases the likelihood of having to give up after school activities or other things the child enjoys which could possibly breed resentment.

Another important aspect of life going forward is the need to remain positive regarding one’s children in both words and actions. Children need to understand that they in no way caused the family to break up and that they are equally loved by both parents. Snide comments, fighting in front of children and disrespecting the other parent to the child can all have a significant negative impact on a child’s sense of well-being.

Divorce is difficult and the desire to protect one’s children as best as possible can be strong. A person in Washington who is considering divorce may benefit from discussing possible options with an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can look at the family situation and help one arrive at a fair and comprehensive settlement.

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