Is Divorce On Your Summer Agenda?

Washington couples can have a variety of reasons for choosing to end their marriages. Each divorce is different, but there are some common aspects that transcend an individual couple. Experts from across the country have joined forces to offer advice on what a person might expect when his or her spouse files for divorce

One thing a person might consider is closing any joint accounts. Even if a couple is headed for divorce, if one spouse moves or spends a lot of money from a joint account, there is not much the other spouse can do about it. Closing these accounts can be a good prevention method. The same goes for credit. 

Experts encourage a person entering divorce to check his or her credit report for irregularities. If the other spouse runs up a large debt prior to the divorce, there is a good chance a court will consider it to be marital debt. Experts also offer tips like making sure any large withdrawals from shared accounts require two signatures. 

It may be a good idea to keep things cordial with the other spouse. Divorce can be stressful enough without unnecessary arguments. A person may a want to consider hiring an experienced Washington attorney, who can help a client make sure that his or her divorce goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. The sooner the case gets through the court system, the sooner a person can look forward to starting a new life as a single individual without any unnecessary drama. 

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