Successful Parenting Plans Are Important To A Successful Divorce

Figuring out child support and custody issues can be one of the most difficult issues to tackle when facing a divorce in Washington. There are some aspects to child support that one should be aware of. Familiarity with certain issues can help when contemplating child support concerns and parenting plans.

No one is clairvoyant and able to see the future. Plans and assumptions made today may not hold true tomorrow. A child support plan, once agreed upon, is still modifiable. If there is a change in income due to the loss or change in job status, parents can request a modification from the court. It is important to note that child support typically trumps spousal support.

Unlike spousal support payments, there are no tax implications involved with child support payments. The payments are not considered as income, nor can the payor deduct the amount from his or her tax liability. It is important to remember that child custody can have an impact on one’s taxes, however. Only one parent can claim a child as a dependent, and this is sometimes determined by where the child spends the most time. In an evenly shared custody arrangement, parents can take turns taking the exemption.

A parent in Washington who is contemplating divorce where children are involved may wish to consult with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can review one’s family and financial situation and make recommendations for parenting plans based on a client’s current situation. A thorough review can allow the parties involved to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement.

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