Parenting Plans May Be Best Defined By Parents

Divorce is difficult and that difficulty is magnified when children are involved. Parenting plans in Washington can be hard for parents to come to agreement on but focusing on what’s in the best interest of the children can help keep the focus on the children’s needs. One area of contention might be agreeing on what exactly comprises the child’s best interests.

Parents are typically in agreement that they want what’s best for their child but they may not agree on what that looks like. Issues such as naps, playing sports and screen time can all be issues regardless of the parents’ marital status. But when divorce enters the picture it becomes more complicated.

Children do best when they have a loving relationship with both parents. They also need consistency and the freedom to love both parents equally. In formulating parenting plans to be followed post-divorce, parents can benefit from coming to an agreement on how to handle issues without involving the child. Parents benefit by remembering that they are the adults in this situation and they have the means to peacefully resolve differences that can truly lead to life post-divorce being in the child’s best interest.

Figuring out what is truly in a child’s best interest is not an exact science. What works for one may not be the right answer for another. Chances are that parents are in the best position to determine this for their child. Mediation with the help of an experienced professional can assist parents to negotiate calmly and arrive at  parenting plans that will work for them and their child in Washington.

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