Parenting Plans And Summer Vacations

School summer vacations are here in Washington, a time for families to plan a summer vacation and some quality time together. The plans can become complicated in situations where parents are sharing custody. Parenting plans may outline the delineation of time but not how that time is spent. There are steps one can take to make the most of separate summer vacations.

In regard to parenting plans, one should make sure that the plan is fully understood by both parents. One of the keys to successful co-parenting in general, and successful summer planning in particular, is communication. Communicate with each other and with one’s children regarding summer vacations. Make sure children know what is going on and when. Visible calendars in each home can help with this so that children can plan and have predictability, which contributes to their sense of security and well-being.

Another issue to resolve ahead of time to help ensure a peaceful summer is establishing boundaries and being consistent. Having one set of rules at mom’s house and another at dad’s house is a recipe for stress and temper tantrums. Young children in particular do much better with firmly established rules and boundaries and there must be consequences for failure to follow the rules.

Much of the basics of successful co-parenting can be spelled out in parenting plans. If a review of parenting plans reveals areas of contention it may be a good idea to revisit it. An experienced family law attorney in Washington can review the plan and make suggestions as to how issues may be successfully resolved.

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