Divorce Need Not Be The End Of A Happy Family

Deciding to end a marriage when children are involved can be one of the most painful decisions two people will ever make. Though the couple may no longer be married, they are still parents to their children, and maintaining a healthy relationship with the children is paramount for the children’s wellbeing. Many families in Washington and around the country are facing this situation following divorce, and there is even a term for the family unit that results: the binuclear family.

Though a binuclear family may reside in two locations, it is still a family. Instilling that reality in children, particularly very young children, can go a long way to ensuring their sense of security and being loved equally by both parents. Both are very important for healthy physical and mental development. One way for former spouses can develop a healthy post-divorce relationship is to compartmentalize issues and refrain from allowing problems with each other to affect concerns regarding the children.

Another factor that can make or break successful co-parenting following a divorce is an Agreed Parenting Plan. Coming to an agreement on a schedule, transporting to and from after school activities, making health care decisions, and helping with homework are just some of the details that need to be worked out. The more these issues can be resolved ahead of time, the easier the transition can be for a child. Once decisions are reached, it is a good idea to have them written down so that each parent is clear on what is agreed.

Divorce in Washington is not easy. Arriving at an agreement regarding a Parenting Plan concerning the care and nurturing of one’s children can be difficult, but if parents can put aside differences with each other and act in the best interests of the children, the resulting benefit will be well worth the time invested. A conversation with a knowledgeable professional may help to steer a couple in the right direction.

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