Custody Modifications Are Possible For The Right Reasons

Washington parents who are no longer together may find themselves struggling over parenting time. It is common for parents to make minor adjustments when custody schedules conflict, but seeking more comprehensive or long-term custody modifications may require a court order. The courts seek the best interests of the children in these cases, so it is important for parents pursuing such modifications to present valid and supported reasons for making such a serious request.

A parent who suspects a child is in danger when spending time with the other parent may have to present evidence of domestic abuse or other dangerous situations when asking the court to restrict visitation. The child’s unwillingness to go with the other parent is a start, but it may not be enough. Additionally, if the other parent refuses to comply with the existing custody order, there may be cause for seeking a modification. A parent who will not cooperate or communicate with a co-parent risks the court’s intervention and possibly custody restrictions.

Certain circumstances may leave a parent little choice but to seek the court’s approval for a revision in custody orders. For example, a parent who must relocate may be unable to maintain custody or visitation as it stands and may require adjustments for longer, less frequent visits. Similarly, a noncustodial parent may be unable to assume full custody if the custodial parent should die. This may require the court to place the children with a third party.

Each circumstance is unique, so there are no uniform answers. When a parent feels a custody order does not benefit the child or the family, the parent may have questions about how to proceed with custody modifications. An attorney who is well experienced with Washington family law may be of great assistance.

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