Child Support Modifications Can Relieve Burden

Even plans carefully made and agreed upon by all parties may not stand the test of time. This may be especially true when it comes to divorce agreements and child custody arrangements. Life has a way of interfering with the best laid plans, and a Washington parent may find he or she is no longer able to meet these obligations. Seeking child support modifications may be an option in these situations.

Parents who are ordered to pay child support may find their circumstances changed for the worse. For example, a job loss, medical crisis or other financial setback may make it difficult if not impossible to meet the court-ordered child support obligation. Parents in this situation are advised to make every effort to comply with the court order by sending as much money as possible and not missing deadlines. It may be possible to negotiate a temporary change with the other parent, but having the courts involved as quickly as possible can provide protection from negative consequences.

Waiting too long to file for a modification and failing to make appropriate payments may lead to an accumulation of debt that can be difficult to overcome. The court will require thorough documentation of a parent’s efforts to comply with child support orders and evidence of the life changes that prevent this compliance. A parent requesting a change in support orders may still meet with resistance if the other parent objects to the modification.

When life circumstances create a difficult financial situation for a Washington parent, child support modifications may be in order. Courts are reluctant to grant such changes without good reasons. Therefore, it may be in a parent’s best interest to seek the advocacy of a family law attorney.

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