Bezos’ Divorce Biggest Financial Stakes Divorce In History

Jeff Bezos and his soon-to-be former wife, MacKenzie, are about to go down in the history books. Besides being the creator of the wildly successful Amazon, Bezos will give a 4 percent stake in the company to MacKenzie as part of their impending divorce settlement. Divorcing Washington couples will likely never have to contend with such high-stakes financial scenarios. To put it into perspective, the settlement is worth $35 billion, which makes it the largest divorce settlement in history.

The couple first met while they were both employed at the same hedge fund company. Bezos’ wife helped him to get Amazon up and running. It made its start out of their garage. The couple recently announced the particulars of their divorce, which will be final this summer. Jeff will keep the company, Blue Origin, and will retain complete ownership of the Washington Post.

The couple announced their separation this past January. The pair maintain that the split has been amicable. The divorce settlement will make MacKenzie Bezos the third richest woman on the planet.  

No matter what is financially at stake in a divorce, a Washington lawyer will be able to help his or her client to work out a divorce settlement with a former partner. When terminating a marriage, there are many legal aspects that must be addressed, and finances are just a part of the picture. If minor children are involved, an attorney can help to set terms for child custody and child support as well as for spousal support.

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